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15.-16. August 2020, St. Antönien (GR)
15.-16. August 2020
St. Antönien (GR)

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Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

For sports fans with brains

The SIMM (Swiss International Mountain Marathon) is THE unique outdoor event for orienteers, mountain, running, endurance and adventure athletes, trail runners, walkers and hikers, in a team of two, as a couple or with the family, in short: For sports fans with brains!
The way of the prescribed control points is freely selectable and only with the help of map and compass as well as the own food and safety equipment to cope. A minimum of material for the overnight stay at the finish of the first stage in the area, for food and first aid is required and must be carried in the backpack over the entire distance.
The two categories Trail-Marathon Strong and Trail-Marathon Light mostly lead along the hiking trails. Basic knowledge of map reading is sufficient. For experts in handling the card, there are 3 courses of different lengths as an 'Orienteering Marathon'.


Current status of SIMM 2020

The current instructions from the Federal Council do not allow any conclusions to be drawn as to whether SIMM 2020 can take place or not. We are still pulling a normal implementation of the SIMM in beautiful Pany-St. Antönien GR into consideration. Whether it can go through the stage like every year or whether we have to choose a different shape remains to be seen. If this is not already on the agenda, please note the date 15th-16th August 2020. There is no alternative date. The decision regarding implementation will be published later.

Help wanted

From 10 to Fri 14 August 2020, i.e. before the SIMM weekend, up to 10 people are busy with various preparations in the running area. Above all, the items have to be set. From Friday evening 14 August 2020 to Sunday evening, around 25 people will take care of the smooth implementation. At the moment there are not enough helper registrations. Who wants to take part in our team as a helper? Regardless of age and fitness, we have the right job for everyone interested. Please register at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots To display JavaScript must be turned on!. Thank you.

Cooperation with OTrailrun

The Otrailrun will be held in Ticino for the second time on March 29, 2020. The concept is identical to the SIMM: team of two, orienteering on a national map 1:25 000 and own catering. The Otrailrun the only difference is only one day. It is also always carried out in southern Ticino. The Otrailrun is carried out as project work by elite athletes of the Scuola professionale per sportivi d'élite.
The run is ideal as a training run and material test to prepare for the SIMM. Our former runner Rémy Steinegger and our current security officer Thomas Wiesner (see picture) have already successfully participated last year. They were thrilled with this new run in fascinating terrain.
The two organizations work together and promote each other. The winning teams of the two races win a free start of the other competition.

SIMM 2020

The SIMM 2020 can be found on the 15./16. August in St. Antönien in the canton of Graubünden.

We are already looking forward to showing you this beautiful landscape.

Early bird discount: Those who register by February 29th benefit from a discount of CHF 20.-


Have you already participated in the SIMM? Would you like to change sides and help as a helper with the preparations? There are various options: On the one hand, there is a lot to do as a member of the closer team throughout the year. On the other hand, in the previous week of the event, people are always welcome to post items, draw cards, etc. Finally, around 25 to 30 people are involved during the run so that it can go off without a hitch.

Are you in? Sign up under This e-mail address is being protected from spambots To display JavaScript must be turned on! on. Thank you for your interest.

Club Discount: We reward team groups of clubs with the repayment of an entry fee for every 6 teams started (6 for 5). Please note that for data protection reasons, each team must register with their own login.

SIMM - Swiss International Mountain Marathon

Wanted a running partner?

You would like to Swiss International Mountain Marathon participate, but can not find a running partner?

Please contact us via our contact form, we will gladly arrange a run partner for you.

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