Swiss International Mountain Marathon

Competition rules

Competition rules

Competition Registration: Friday night from 18.00-20.00 clock and Saturday morning from 8.00-9.30 clock at the tournament center.

Each team will receive a competition card (Orienteering marathon only), a plastic bag for the card, the starting number and the electronic SI card "SPORTident", upon presentation of the equipment check sheet signed by both runners. Additional cards can be ordered with the registration. There are no additional tickets available on site.
The runners of the trails Trail Marathon Trong, Trail Marathon Light and Score receive the cards at the start.

Mass start for Orienteering Marathon and Trail Marathon is at 10.30 on Saturday morning. Since usually about 45 minutes for the way from the registration to the actual start are included (including cable car), finish preparations for competitions early!

Runners of the category Score start at 10.45 clock.

Each team will receive after the start the map with the imprinted tracks (Trail-Marathon) or a task sheet with the item descriptions and the coordinates to transfer the points to be landed on the map (Orienteering-Marathon and Score).
The two partners of a team must pass all checkpoints together and carry the prescribed equipment in the backpacks at all times. Those who do not follow this instruction will be disqualified. There will be controls in the area!
Some posts are staffed by officials and equipped with radio.
At the finish of the first day you bivouac with your own, worn material. Campground and water are available, but not fuel.
On Sunday morning the leading teams (except score) start at 7.00 clock. After that, the pursuer teams start with the backlogs of the first day on the leaders up to a maximum of one hour. At 8.00 clock all remaining teams start together.
The Parcours Score starts at 08.00 clock
After the finish, the equipment is randomly checked. Teams with incomplete equipment will be disqualified!
The route data corresponds to the effective distance and slope on an assumed ideal route (from 2019). The information is the total for two days. So far: distance = as the crow flies, slope on assumed ideal route.
A team is always made up of 2 people who need to stay together throughout the competition.
In the category Families (F), at least one team member must be 16 or younger than 2019, ie year 2003 or younger. A team may consist of up to five runners. The same family affiliation is desired, but not mandatory.
Adolescents under 16 years may only start with an adult.
That's OK Mountain Marathon reserves the right to redistributions.



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