Swiss International Mountain Marathon


The International KARRIMOR 2-DAY MOUNTAIN MARATHON was built at the beginning of the seventies by Gerry Charnley in England on behalf of the English backpack manufacturer KARRIMOR INTERNATIONAL LTD. first performed. Dieter Wolf brought the idea from England to Switzerland: 47 teams started 1976 in the Muotathal for the first Swiss KARRIMOR 2-DAY MOUNTAIN MARATHON.
The run developed steadily to today's size. During this time, thousands of mountain, nature and sports enthusiasts from around twenty countries in 24 were able to taste "CARRIMOR and MIMM air" in different regions of the Swiss Alps!
After structural and personnel changes at KARRIMOR LTD. In England and at SALEWA SPORT SCHWEIZ AG, a new partner had to be found for the 1997 round in order to achieve a balanced bill.
The Swiss mountain sports equipment manufacturer AROVA-MAMMUT AG in Seon spontaneously jumped in, so that the implementation could be little changed, but secured under a new name for the next few years.
The long-standing cooperation with AROVA-MAMMUT AG ended in the year 2002. With "R'ADYS Outdoor & Snowwear" a new sponsor could be won in the year 2004. The great cooperation with R'ADYS appreciated the runners up to 2013. Since 2014 the run is now called SWISS INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN MARATHON, SIMM for short.
The previous KARRIMOR 2-DAY MOUNTAIN MARATHON, the long-standing MIMM, R'ADYS and today's SIMM are unique in Switzerland. In addition to several very successful similar competitions in England and France, there were also individual trials in Norway, Australia and New Zealand.

Today, a new scene is establishing itself with several similar ones Mountain Marathons in England. But there are also take-off opportunities in Iceland, Japan and since 2017 also in Austria.



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